Monday 5 November 2018

BRAPA - October Review / November Preview (2018)

October has been traditionally the hardest month to get pub ticks in, so to come out of it with a 'club record' 46 pub ticks is amazing, considering I had things like Project Calypso at work, a bad case of man-flu and a dodgy knee I don't like to talk about, all trying to curb my ticking.

After all, I was booed off in 2016 when I only managed 13 ticks all month.  The October average is now 28, meaning May is now the most BRAPless month of the year.

What a crazy month it was.  It started in a vestibule, and ended in a hospital (if by hospital, I mean my own flat drinking a bottle of red wine) .... well, you can't be too much of a one trick pony with all this 'real ale' can you?

Spooky scene from BRAPA towers

So stop waffling then Si, and get on with it, I can hear you saying. 

Review of the month went something like this.  Dodgy even post-Calypso evening ticks in London.  A mixed day in Brum.  A wonderful mini-holiday in Dorset where places like Portland and Weymouth amazed me.  A great Martin Taylor A14 themed day which took in Northants as well as some of Cambs more rural holes.  Ending with a superb Dad & Tom day on the Wirral, where I was once again surprised by the quality on offer.  

Still lots of blogs to catch up, but I'm getting there!  

My favourite three pub experiences of the month were as follows:

1.  Churchill Arms, Notting Hill Gate
2.  Duke of Cornwall, Weymouth
3.  Magazine Hotel, New Brighton

But another six or seven I could easily throw into the mix on a weaker pubby month.

Magazine Hotel, New Brighton

Of course, where there's an up, there's also a down and there were a good few pubs I was seriously less than impressed with, most in London it has to be said. 

Whether it was the diviest Antic late night scare-hole ever, a total disregard for the drinker in a dining hell hole, or an absolute lack of cask beer in a chilly modern drinking space, there was plenty to get wound up about but all for the benefit of my blog, I guess.  I know you like it best when I suffer!

1. Elephant & Castle, Elephant & Castle
2. Physician, Edgbaston
3. Burning Soul Brewery, Hockley

Crazy lady dancing on table in the E&C
Onwards then into November, and plenty to look forward to though I can't imagine I'll get anywhere near the kind of figures I did in September and October, I'll be happy with circa 25-30 to be honest, the monthly average is 27, I'd take that now.

By the time you read this, I'll have had another Cambs day with the wonderful RM, only 14 Cambs pubs left to go after that so squeaky bum time as we say in t'trade.

A week later, actually going to see us away at Birmingham City.  I've edited Tom's pre and post match pub plan (changing at Orkney and Penzance for Bordesley or something) to make it more manageable, but looks like being just a 3-4 pub day.

A week after that, having a rare 'Dad Car Day' as we look to some of East Yorkshire's more remote outposts, and I finish with work colleagues on one of our  'Heavy Woollen' trips, Bradford & Halifax which I guess is more heavy woollen than recent trips to Walthamstow, Newcastle and Liverpool! 

A bonus overnighter for work in Glasgow will help too, not to mention a bonus Co. Durham tick tomorrow night.  And thinking of a return to Friday nights BRAPA too, focusing in on West Yorkshire where I've got lots of new stuff to go at.  

Have a good night, Si


  1. "(if by hospital, I mean my own flat drinking a bottle of red wine)"

    I was sure it was going to be due to your dodgy knee. :)

    "most in London it has to be said"

    No surprise there.

    "I'll have had another Cambs day with the wonderful RM"

    I bet it was fun!

    "having a rare 'Dad Car Day' as we look to some of East Yorkshire's more remote outposts,"

    That's a good Dad that is. :)

    Good luck!


    1. Flippin' NHS Russ (I don't mean like NHS Martin), I rang for appointment and waiting list so long, they couldn't even begin to try and fit me in. Luckily, it's mending anyway.

      Always great days with RM, oh and Dad, in fact, especially when people drive. Toilet is only problem!

      Hope you good, thks for reading as ever. Got two blogs in draft ready to send in coming days, but it's all a case of when I'm actually here to do it what with Darlo and Glasgow.

      Take care, Si

    2. "I rang for appointment and waiting list so long, they couldn't even begin to try and fit me in. "

      Sadly, we get that over here, and my brother says it's similar where he lives in France. :(

  2. Just to warn, there is a guards' strike on 24th November for the Heavy Woollen. There should be a skeleton service run by managers and office types who have had a rudimentary course in how to be a guard, but watch out.

    One day, I will be driving. I will try to build a vehicle with lavatorial facilities.

    Are you Poolies in disguise?

    Allam Out. Grayling Out.

  3. Wonderful = sucker.

    How do you feel about getting to the stage where there's not always six new pubs to do, like on the Birmingham trip. You can't make progress but you know you've cracked the back of a major chapter in the Guide.