Tuesday 2 January 2018

BRAPA - December 2017 Review / January 2018 Preview

Oh dear!
37 new pubs meant I hit the 1200 mark before the bell tolled for 2018, as had been my aim at the beginning of the month.

Some fantastic pubs were visited, and great days had.  It all started with a rare trip to Essex, I edged closer to the Bucks finishing line, Tring was great, a cracking trip to North Tyneside was much enjoyed, Chorley was a highlight of the whole year, and finishing up with a trip to Cheshire made for the most productive BRAPA December since records began.

In addition, evening trips to the Rotherham and Barnsley areas were wonderful experiences and put me within 2 pubs of completing South Yorkshire again, and I also had time for bonus pubs in Hull and Acaster Malbis near York which is the good thing about holding a few 'Yorkshires' back for a rainy day.

Here are my three faves:

1. Tynemouth Lodge Hotel, Tynemouth
2. Malt 'n' Hops, Chorley
3.  Queen's Head, Burnham-on-Crouch

Station Arms, Southminster.  Would've been top 3 had we not been ripped off!
And three I wasn't very impressed with:

1. Lamb, Bloomsbury
2. King George, Whitley Bay
3. Red Lion, Dagnall

Looks can be deceptive at the Red Lion, Dagnall

January '18 Preview

And so to a new year, as BRAPA approaches it's 4th birthday though I feel like it's been going a lot longer than most Twilds of a similar age.

The first aim has to be the 1236 mark, this was the number I was at when pub ticking of the 2017 GBG ceased and I was forced to cross tick.

I can't see me making it by the end of Jan, in fact it is a tricky Saturday agenda over the next 4 weeks so think I'll do well to get to 25, my target which'd put me on 1227.  The key may well be to ensure I'm on the ball with "midweek" nights, and I use the inverted commas because I'm now doing Friday instead of the traditional Tuesday.  I may even require a 'bonus' Sunday jaunt as the month goes on.

But I'm not too anxious as Feb could be an excellent month.  I am planning my first BRAPA 'holiday' of 2018 for the week commencing 5th Feb and if it comes off, I cannot wait as it's a totally new area for me. 

I'm also reading up on how to be a Podcaster, in the hope that perhaps next month's equivalent of this could be done on Podcast instead, downside for you is listening to me, but it might be easier hearing the waffle than reading it! 

So watch this space, look out for the End of Year awards, and my first 2 pubs of the year already done yesterday in Bolton, plus a pre-emptive.

Have a night Monday night, careful of Storm Ella, she bites. 



  1. May 2018 be filled with twilds, twigs (and one or two twunts) so you'll have something to write about. :)


  2. Argh. Twogs got changed to twigs (damn auto cucumber). ;)