Friday, 1 September 2017

BRAPA - August Review / September Preview

Me ticking off a pub in the 1200's - that won't happen again for a few months!
Well, well, well - who'd have thought the 2018 GBG would have been dropping through my letterbox as early as 26th August?  Not me, but nice to see the good people of CAMRA books getting back to their 2015 Glory Days.

Sad Times

Not that cross-ticking has been at all kind.  Of course, I am under embargo until the official release date of 14th September so cannot reveal specific details, but my hopes to only lose approximately 130 pubs were extremely wishful thinking!  30 down in North Yorkshire and 21 in Greater Manchester alone, I'll be doing what I can between now and 14th to claw back some of these numbers to respectability, before my "New GBG" blog on that date.

Pub ticking is for mugs, and is soul destroying.  I wouldn't recommend it!  I might feel different in a few weeks, let's hope so anyway.  I hope ungrateful Cornwall and East East Yorkshire fall into the sea, I hope Northern Ireland leaves the UK for Ireland, I hope the Channel Islands turn French, I hope Shetland gets closed down due to too many murders, and I hope Kent's micropubs float miserably off to France.   Then I might have a fighting chance.

On a happier note, 25 new pubs and 4 extremely pre-emptive ticks made for a productive August.  There were some crackers and I've gone with the following 4 to put forward into the end of year reckoning ......

1. Chiverton Tap, Cheadle Hulme
2. Poachers Inn, Bollington
3. Grocers, Cadishead
4. McConnell's Gin & Ale House, Jarrow

Moment of the month in Bollington
Coming Soon

I still have to write up my Bank Holiday trip to the North East, but must go to bed soon as I have an early start for Buckinghamshire tomorrow, where the September pub ticking begins "out west".   Bucks hasn't been too bad in the old 'cross ticking' and I think we could see a definite conclusion by November / December time.

I have a bonus trip out on Tuesday cos I've booked half a day off at work, and I'm even managing to get the 'West Yorkshire' midweek's started again in sly controversial fashion as I've arranged a 'work night out' at a potential new BRAPA pub!  I'll be really pushing at West Yorks as we move into Autumn, a few easy North Yorkshire's in the winter, then a mop up of South Yorkshire before moving back to (evil) Greater Manchester by spring!  Just so you know the midweek agenda.

The following Saturday (9th) is an NFFD day in the Southport area as Derby away wasn't enticing enough.

On the 16th, BRAPA could be scuppered by a home Hull City game against Sunderland, though in the current climate, I think I'd have to add some bonus Sunday BRAPPING in to compensate if this was the case!  A lot depends on whether my Mackem buddy can get a ticket.

On the 23rd, it is Tom's birthday celebrations so we'll be heading off to the East Lancs railway for a second time.  Let's hope there are plenty of pubs in that area to be had!

And the month ends with a second trip to Bucks.  To make up for no August trip I assume.  Don't remember booking it.  I think this will be more southern based trip of the county.

Remember, all pubs visited before 14th should be treated as pre-emptive ticks, and any resemblance with pubs which end up in the 2018 GBG is merely co-incidental.  Right, I'm off to cry into my pillow.

Under embargo.

Sweet dreams, Si


  1. "Pub ticking is for mugs, and is soul destroying."

    Of course it's for mugs... that's what you're supposed to drink out of. (LOL)

    As for the soul destroying part; chin up Si! If it stops being fun then take a break for a bit.



    PS - "The following Saturday (9th) is an NFFD day in the Southport area as Derby away wasn't enticing enough."

    This is where my point #4 would come in handy.

    I have no idea what NFFD is. :)

    1. Cheers Russ!

      Tom is right but glossary will be done when I get on top of all my other blogs and have a spare day.

      Am over the initial "soul destroying" sadness, my spreadsheet actually still thinks I can get GBG done in full by 2042 so we can't say any fairer than that!

  2. Russto, an NFFD is a non football football day. Basically where it is decided that the combination of away ground and town is so unattractive that we go somewhere else. Or sometimes the same place and just go to a couple of additional pubs between 15:00 and 16:50. At this stage, I would like to point out the Rupert Murdoch and those who operate the News Corp BSkyB empire are utter twats.