Thursday 30 June 2016

BRAPA - June Review / July Preview (2016)

As the BRAPmobile tears across the British countryside in search of it's next pub roadkill, we need to reflect on a wonderfully productive June, and see what lies ahead in July......

June Review

41 pubs in a month is the second best EVER, only April this year could beat that and all I can say is my Scottish holiday was more productive than I could have ever imagined with 20 pubs in three and a bit days.  I also had a superb day out with the work gang in Greenfield & Mossley.  Hell, even very east Berkshire was straightforward and enjoyable, and Sheffield's bubbling nicely on midweeks.  Finally, the Greater Manchester day was joyous in it's Joseph Holt's simplicity.

Picking three pubs of the month is near impossible, but here goes based on my experience on the day:

1.  Abbotsford Hotel, Ayr
2.  Shakespeare, Kelham Island, Sheffield
3.  Fleece, Mossley

July Review

I finish June on 958 pubs, which means another good month and I should manage to get my 1,000 up in August (though I will drop back below it of course when the 2017 GBG comes out).

A '5 Saturday month' will help immensely.  Firstly, we'll be kicking off with a Dad chauffeur day in the Dales as I look to complete my outstanding five pubs up there.  It has to be achievable despite some funny opening times, yes I'm looking at you Bellerby!   We are back in Berkshire a week later for Part 6, heading towards the south of the county and dabbling in Hampshire.  Week 3 is a TBA, am thinking North Yorkshire again (finally getting up Richmond way) unless someone craps on my BRAP.  A week after that, a group of York friends is coming on a Morecambe BRAPA trip with me in our old punk festival stamping ground - hopefully there are better beers now than in Davy Jones Locker.  And the month ends with the Hull City gang summer beezer, a pre-season friendly at Nottingham Forest where I have two West Bridgford pubs to do.

On midweek nights, I'll keep cracking on with outer Sheffield to a finish.  Still got a fair bit to go at, but once done (and don't shout this too loudly), Hazlehead MUST be back on the agenda.  No holidays off work in July, but 30 pubs is still an achievable target in my mind.

Right, I think I've rambled enough,  Stick around for my rambling pub reviews though won't ya?  Si


  1. What is/was Davy Jones Locker ?

  2. Martin, I'd imagine it must be an obscure reference to Dave Jones, former manager of Cardiff City.

    Simon, by extrapolation, I wish to predict that you will pass the 1,000 pub mark on the 9th of August at 12:33. I agree that in all probability the bookwork will take you back below it. Based on current rate, I expect you to finish August on 1,017. You will then lose 118, leaving you on 899. You will then pass 1,000 again on December 11th at 16:20.

    Those two heavy months have certainly increased your monthly averages for the stats. I hope that doesn't pressurise you too much.

    For blank July, don't forget that the cubs are yet to have their friendlies announced. There could be an outrageous ground tick with BRAPA potential yet.

    If you're all off to Scunny clap your hands.

    1. Thanks Tom, love your extrapolations. 9th Aug is my first day back after punk festival. I'd normally say it's one of the days in the year I'd be least wanting to drink/travel/pub. However, if I was on 998 or 999 (and being off work), I could see pub 1000 happening at 12:33pm. I reckon I'd be on my own for it though.

      As for 11th December (not the original but perhaps the more satisfying passing of 1000), this is a Sunday. Now I'd normally say this is not a day I ever do BRAPA on. However, am opting out of Palace away on 10th due to Work Xmas Party on 9th. Supposing I spend all day nursing a hangover indoors watching BBC's Rolling Football scores, it seems likely I'll be itching for a rare Sunday outing.

      I think the two big outings in April and June have skewed the figures, so the extrapolation may be a tad optimistic but I'll try not to feel obliged to reach these target dates! Would be fun though.....

    2. Note that Palace away is on the 13th of May. 10th December is the 3-0 home defeat against Crystal Palace. I think you should hikack the party and have it take place in a required pub, possibly a new West Yorkshire entry.

      As BRAPA progresses, the figures will get more accurate due to having a larger data set. I agree at present the two beezers have swung the mean slightly high. I am less confident of the December prediction as the sample size for the new guide publications is so low.

    3. Well the new girl Hannah is organising it, a girl with leanings towards Hudersfield, Dewsbury and most importantly ale so she could be influenced, having enjoyed a locAle near Dumfries last week. Will I be able to hold my West Yorks new ticks in tact til then? You know I get impatient with BRAPA!

    4. It is surely probable that there will be accessible South Yorkshire ticks to be getting on with while you wait for Newtonmas, along with West Yorkshire ones for which Hannah doesn't organise a visit and maybe even some easy East and North Riding pubs. I have every faith that you can hold out.

  3. Davy Jones Locker was an underground real ale pub with nautical themes and lots of pool tables that we used to go to during punk festival when it was held at Morecambe circa 2003-5. I was perhaps a bit optimistic to rely on my second hand 1999 GBG cos by 2004/5, I took back a pint of vinegar and they wouldn't accept it. Isn't in GBG at moment.

  4. I've just revisited this as part of 'Statto Monthly'. Can I claim Clayton Wood (Stoke City's youth ground) as an outrageous ground tick with BRAPA potential?

    Was Davy Jones Locker run by Dave Jones? I could quite easily see him running an underground pub.