Monday 28 April 2014

BRAPA - "Think Locally, F**k ... errm... Nationally?"

With apologies to Gogol Bordello for the paraphrasing of one of their songs in my title, but following on from my last post, am really focused on local trips now and almost regretting May and June's longer trips ... well not so much Isle of Wight (though it has been cut short) but the two Welshies and Durham.

But hey ho, I said in these early months of BRAPA, I'd live and learn by my mistakes .... I just can't believe it didn't occur to me sooner that getting North & West Yorkshire done and then 'spreading the net' would be common sense.  I mean, hell, it's tricky enough as it is!  North especially, despite living there.  Have you ever tried to plan a trip to Askrigg on a Sunday on public transport?  Talk about convoluted.

So my little project of the moment on evenings is to lay out, in spreadsheet form, ideas of how to get to places in terms of bus, trains, walking, taxi if absolutely necessary!

And starting last Tuesday, I went to the two in Holbeck (amazing Grove and also very good Midnight Bell) and planning on doing the same this week in Chapel Allerton, which does involve a bus.  And on Sunday's, if the mood takes me, another North or West Yorkshire trip is an option, though some trips will be expensive if I don't book trains in advance and a lot are just not possible on a Sunday.

Scrap my July plans for a Nottingham revisit. and think locally!  I've also got local knowledge in the form of Richard and Jason from work joining me for a Batley, Birstall, Dewsbury and Liversedge day in June ... oh the joy!  And I am not even being sarcastic.

My 398th BRAPA pub was ticked off at the weekend.  The King's Head in Earl's Court.  A Dutch king's coronation made for a party quirky atmos.  400 up tomorrow?  Then only 4,100 left. Hey ho!


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