Tuesday 13 May 2014

BRAPA - May the force be with me

Good evening lords, ladies and gentlemen,

Friday sees the long waited, much anticipated Isle of Wight adventure, and to be honest, I haven't thought much about which pubs I'll be visiting.  The saddest thing is having to leave my Osborne House trip until another time now that my trip is shorter (what were the chances of Hull City getting to the cup final?) to maximize my BRAPA time on the Friday in Ryde, Shanklin and wherever else.

For now, my focus is on my 3rd West Yorkshire midweek BRAPA which will hopefully take in Hunslet, Weetwood and Kirkstall, thus completing the 'outer' Leeds set, meaning I'll have to delve deeper into West Yorkshire.  Think Bradford, Idle, Greengates, Shipley, Baildon and beyond.  Almost scary!

Since I last "blogged", I've done the following BRAPA ticks:

399 - Three Hulats - Chapel Allerton (pleased with my bussing, less pleased with my beer quality)
400 - Regent, Chapel Allerton (a fitting pub to bring up a landmark, everyone I know seemed to have been apart from me!)
401 - East of Arcadia, Meanwood (was another Market Towns Tavern tick too, modern but good ale)
Then, I remembered I'd done 3 Horwich pubs pre-Bolton a couple of seasons ago, taking me to 404!
Ben then reminded me I had indeed done the Waterhouse in Manchester (405) so another Wether tick.
Then, pre Man Utd on my birthday, got a few more....
406 .... Angel, Manchester (Superb experience, free goats cheese n fig tart too!)
407 - Micro Bar, Manchester (shopping centre food court, but it still worked - I think...)
408 - Font, Manchester (bit trendy but can't criticize beer range and quality).
We frustratingly did a lot of non-guide pubs and the Joshua Brooks was closed but progress nonetheless.

So, 408 and hopefully 3 more tomorrow, then more IOW day so keeping my quotas up of course with bloody Barca soon to slow down my quest.  I feel I will become an ascended pub spirit if I achieve this.


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