Sunday 20 April 2014

BRAPA - latest updates part 3 - Nottingham x2

So, it's official!  Hull City are going to appear in an FA Cup final which, in BRAPA terms, is actually bad news because my Isle of Wight trip will have to be cut in half.  Never mind though, plenty of pubs can still be visited and I have sorted out my tickets yesterday so all is now set in stone.

As part of a Bank Holiday trip to Nottingham on Good Friday, I got two Nottingham BRAPA ticks in the shape of the DRAGON and the superb former music hall, MALT CROSS, plus a visit to the Crafty Crow which will be "one for the future" I'm sure when the 2015 guide comes out.

I've recently come to the decision that getting friends/colleagues to roll a dice to see 'where i'm going next' is maybe not such a good idea (it may be the two Welsh rolls putting me off!).  But anyway, i'm starting to think that I've been a bit too ambitious and I should maybe 'concentrate' on more Northern/Midland counties that tickle my fancy with the odd crazy trip to say, Cornwall/Devon, as a special treat but really aim to do more of these later in life when ideally I'll be richer and have more time, hmmm we'll see.

This feeling has lead me to wanting a return to Nottingham to visit the first pub in the guide, plus finish Nottingham and surrounding area on the second weekend in July.  Maybe a Friday night stop over too, will plan that in theory this afternoon.  Of course, I'm all sorted for May and June.

Off to a gig with Lu this evening but if i'm well enough, may do the long-anticipated Easter Monday local trip around the likes of Poppleton and Strensall.  But no promises on that.

Laterz gang!

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