Sunday 5 March 2017

BRAPA - February Review / March Preview

Icy roads of rural North Yorkshire, a common BRAPA scene in Feb.
24 new Good Beer Guide pubs and 1 pre-emptive was a return I could never have dreamt of when the month started.  Despite my optimistic predictions, I worked out I'd probably not reach 20.

But what with my bathroom/shower woes meaning I was "better off out & about" and a sudden thirst to finally put Yorkshire to bed, I had quite a few fun Fridays (and a Sunday) to entertain me, as funny pub opening times added an extra bit of spice to proceedings.

The month started in fantastic fashion as I finished Berkshire!  It was almost a full on Yorkshire fest from there.  Only FIVE Yorkshire pubs to do now, 3 in North and 2 in West.  If you can name all five, you win a free BRAPA pen next time I see you so get thinking, these pens are items to be truly treasured(!)

Here are my three favourite pubs of the month in no particular order.....

1.  Buck Hotel, Reeth
2.  Masons Arms, Ackworth
3.  Captain Cook Inn, Staithes

One of many great fireplaces this month, at Masons Arms in Ackworth
The days out were generally great.  Tim Thomas the perfect host as I finished Berks.  Dad the perfect chauffeur around impossible North Yorkshire - the day on the 18th at Ugthorpe, Egton Bridge and Hinderwell was a real strong point.  And my Sunday in Saltburn and Staithes was majestic, though I enjoyed my Greater Manchester Saturday a lot too despite a sad experience in Droylsden.

March Preview

By the time you read this, I'll have done my "secret" bonus overnight trip to Warrington as attentions start to properly turn to the county of Cheshire (though I've been saying that since my trip to Lymm about six months ago!)   

I'll have also done Sat (4th), in Leicester, lots of pubs still to visit despite about 6 away games there with real ale pubs in mind.   Interestingly, my favourite pub Ale Wagon prevails, former GBG recommendations like "The Pub", "Salmon", "Slug and Lettuce" and "Globe" are not currently up to GBG standard.  And when you are recommended things with names like Brood@VinQuatre as a potential pre-emptive, I think it's right to err on the side of caution and get concrete ticks in.

No Tuesday night this week as I catch up on my pub write-ups, but the following weekend I'm starting Buckinghamshire (officially) with an anti clockwise tour of the wondrous and mythical outer Milton Keynes villages.

Dentist / beer festival events (not at the same time) then complicates my routine but it will be a good time to take stock of the future.  How will I proceed on midweek nights without Yorkshire?  How will 'Dad Days' be affected?  Don't worry, I have irons in the fire (no I don't mean I'm off to West Ham or Scunthorpe).

Sat 18th sees the long overdue return of NFFD - I will ask Tom and Dad to sign a clause of confidentiality but they both know which northern seaside town we'll be enjoying.

Tues 21st will be D-Day for my West Yorkshire ticking so can't wait for that.

And the following weekend is HUGE, 25th is the final North Yorkshire chauffeur day, with the final pub being done as a "mother's day treat" on the Sunday lunchtime.  I'm practising my opening gambit to the barmaid already "NO WE ARE NOT DINING, NO WE HAVEN'T RESERVED, WE ARE HERE FOR A DRINK OKAY YOU SOUR FACED BINT?" on then off home for Mother's Day Spam Fritters n Soup or something.

Tue 28th is off limits (more dentistry), so overall, I'm putting an estimate of 25 pubs on the month but we will see won't we my blog chums?  

Good night,  Si-pub.