Monday 13 February 2017

BRAPA - Skipton's Three Links Club

A lot of the remaining Yorkshire pubs I need to visit have weird opening hours, hence why I'm doing the odd bonus BRAPA on a Friday or Sunday in attempt to finish god's own county.  Of course, if there was a god who loved real ale, he'd probably live North London.  I wouldn't trust him.

But you can trust Skipton to throw up new GBG entries year upon year, it is just one of those Biggleswadey, Mirfieldesque places.  And on a freezing Friday night, I was hot-footing it across a town I'd only ever seen on a summer touristy day before, and I enjoyed the gloom and misery.

Always a bit apprehensive going into a club, less reliable than a pub, an unknown quantity.  How will I be received?  Red carpet or spit in the face, could be either.....

The stone clad Three Links Club
1023.  Three Links Club, Skipton

I walked in to a large typically clubby lounge, with just one group of six people sat around a large circular table and bar at very far end.  I appraised it was five men and one woman, the woman was very gobby but three of the gents said 'hello' as I wandered past.  The barman was a young chap who was keen to see my CAMRA card, make sure I wasn't just a passing wastrel, a bit of a surprise as recent club experiences have been so informal, I've been able to just go to the bar and order a drink, so in a way, good to see him sticking to the 'rules'.  I took my Dark Horse ale to a table near the six old duffers in hope of overhearing some exciting convo, maybe even joining in, but save for a chat on wayward teenage girls, it was all 'committees', 'impending weddings' and 'dog breeding'.  Zzzzz.  At least the latter led to awful woman starting most sentences "If you buy a working cocker...." which was worth the admission price alone.  The funky 80's Stock, Aitken and Waterman style music DID NOT fit the club at all, why do places bring their own atmosphere into disrepute like this?  Which of these six old people were enjoying Rick Astley or Kylie and Jason?    I reassessed the company, and soon realised it was three men and three women!  Well, who knew?  Couples as well, and they left one at a time.  The barman was asked when his next customer was due.  A weird question I thought, but he answered it with a prompt "8pm".  Appointments?  Well, as the final couple left, Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" started, most apt BRAPA song of 2017 to date.  I chatted to the barman after that, but at one point, he yawned and looked in agony.  "I've strained a jaw muscle yawning too much" he revealed.  Perhaps this sums up the number of customers on the early evening shift?!  Funny place but enjoyable.

The quiet bar area

The quiet lounge area 

My pint (very good) and two of the friendlier of the six.
I do really need a new Skipton pub to be in the 2018 GBG when it is released in September.  This is because on 23rd June 2018, I have to take my sister there to remind her of something we talked about on 23rd June 2013.  Cryptic I know.  But come on Skipton, you never let me down.



  1. What?.....sorry, I must have dozed off there for a minute.

    1. Hope you didn't strain your jaw in the process Malcolm ;)

  2. Did she say 'if you keep drinking pints every night on this BRAPA lark I bet you won't still be standing in 5 years time bro'?

    1. Quite similar, but it did involve 5 years, calling me "Bro" and being boring, so I'll give you half a point Tim.