Sunday 5 July 2015

BRAPA - Welly Day out (Scarborough, Malton, Cloughton)

Sign at Brytherstones Country Inn seemed almost fitting - read on ....
Good morning!  Fifty weeks had passed since our last annual "Welly" day out in Doncaster, the concept of which being that our gang of Hull City fans who used to meet up in Hull's now defunct Wellington would have a summer outing to keep those "football cravings" at bay (and I use those inverted commas in an ironic way).

I have claimed in previous posts that this day out is now a glorified BRAPA pub ticking exercise, but as you will see, there are some subtle differences.  Anyway, me and Dad met Chris and Bernie Irvin on the York-Scarborough 08;40 and we were soon joined by Tom in Scarbs just before 10am.  Mark Bainton (knee) and Christine Andrew (behind with her marking!) were the most notable absentees,

686 - Hayburn Wyke Hotel, Cloughton Newlands

After the delayed 115 bus to Cloughton (pronounced Clow-ton) Newlands helpfully dropped us off near the pub sign, we walked down in the early morning mist through a wooded valley which was odd because we could see the sea aswell.  It reminded the Irvin's of an Isle of Man pub they'd been to, and I thought IoM is a place I'd love to go to for BRAPA.  Despite worries we'd enter some posh gastropub restauarant effort, it was nice to see the friendly barmaid opening the doors pre 11am to a large but pleasing dark wooded clean interior.   There was an interesting woody smell, maybe coal fires.  The York Guzzler was amazing quality, shame you can't it this good within the city walls!  The Black Sheep Ale was also very nice, and maybe no surprise that Chris Irvin suggested we stay for another everything considered.  Such beahviour would be unheard of on a traditional BRAPA day but this was more of a special occasion, so happy to go along with it, plus he was buying!  Some locals and their excitable dogs than tried to dominate the bar area, I didn't like the woman, and was pleased to see some doggie-aggro on the way out as a man came in with his yappier version.

Tom, Bernie, Dad and Chris arrive at a misty Hayburn Wyke Hotel
Bryherstones Inn, Cloughton Newlands

As we had to walk back uphill to the road and then along the road into Cloughton proper, it seemed sensible to pop into this pub we were passing anyway.  It had been in the GBG 2014, looked nice from the outside, and some people needed the loo!  This was a more traditional country style pub and deceptively big with lots of rooms (one entirely inhabited by happy flies, who were enjoying the local silage, the friendly landlord told us!)  Only Tim Taylor Landlord and Sharp's Doom Bar were available, the TTL was a good if not great example of the ale.  Chris questioned the barmaids on the price of our round, I'd paid £11.20 for the equivalent which was now over £15 in this pub - as Dad joked, "it's because we are on the main road now!" but whilst I understand Chris's point, he laboured it a bit and it obviously upset the barmaids who despised us after this, you could see it in their eyes.  As a York resident, £3.50 sadly is not ridiculous for a pint these days.  As Jessie J (whoever she is) once sang, "it's not about the money money money", I think she needs to come drinking in Cloughton Newlands as it very much is.  The pub had that same smokey smell as the last one, that must be a Cloughton thing too.

The gang arrive at Bryherstones Country Inn
The sun was out as we left, gorgeous countryside walking along roads with no or little pavement, and then a bus farce - yes this really was starting to feel like a BRAPA day!  We waited patiently across the road at Cloughton's Red Lion, but the bus driver didn't stop - he even gestured so he had seen us.  Luckily we were with Tom, no better person to put in a travel complaint on our behalf.  

As Dad and I hopped into a taxi, the Irvin's waited for a bus.

687 - Indigo Alley, Scarborough 

And it was nice to see Ben Andrew shaking off his 'Newcastle trance night' shackles to join us, he was sat reading a paper looking very summery.  Now this pub, with it's basic cafe bar feel, had once been a real ale haven, but on my last two visits, had been very closed and in my mind, I saw burning beams, litter, the devil prodding a customer who couldn't escape and Carling Extra Cold.  I may have imagined it worse than it actually was.  After Dad nearly got in trouble for stealing a shopmobility scooter, we found a cracking beer range for the first time with the likes of Wold Top house ale, Indigo, and Half Moon's excellent Dark Masquerade.  The staff were friendly (though the barmaid could have given us a loyalty card sooner!) and locals seemed, well quite down to earth in a grizzled Scarborough way.  I have to say it, Scarborough is a shithole of the highest order but it has some good pubs.  The Irvin's were back with us as Ben contemplated going to a barbecue at Boothferry Park.  It was nice to have six of us out, I'd not have expected that earlier in the summer.  I was then reminded this was NOT a BRAPA day as people started ordering additional halves.  

Dad's decision to pose with hand on Shopmobility Scooter nearly caused trouble!
688 - Alma, Scarborough 

My final Scarborough 'tick' was a pub I hadn't even heard of on my previous visits.  This was a proper no nonsense street corner local, a no frills boozer, where people who actually live in Scarborough go to drink, laugh and chat whilst the staff ran it in a friendly, pragmatic way.  I got as good a feeling about this pub as any we went to today.  Hanging off the ceilings were pots & pans and things, I always like ceiling pub decoration and think it adds atmosphere.  A decent range of beers brought me a fine Rudgate brew which had quite an acquired taste, lemony, but stuck with it and was probably my favourite pint of the day alongside the opening Guzzler.   Sadly, I'd kind of run out of time to go to Filey without hanging around for ages, I think our 'additional drinks' was more to blame for this than the bus farce, but as Tom said, not a bad thing, as I still need other' ticks out here like Staxton (and plenty more likely entries in the next 30 years!) 

Chris, me and Dad arrive at the Alma : street corner classic
We all hopped aboard the York bound train, many ready for home, but I still had one more BRAPA pub up my sleeve.....

689 - New Malton, Malton

Having totally lost my bearings last time I was in this nice market town with John Watson on a dark winter's evening, I was pleased how much of it I recognised and remembered this time and pretty much came upon this pub without using my 'device' (as Tom would say) to direct me.  Again, really friendly and helpful staff was my first impression in this quite dominating building across the market place - they hang on for me whilst I desperately scrambled to the loo, and then helped me find a seat outside seeing I was looking for one.  Two Milestone beers from Notts are not by favourite brewery but stood out as interesting guests, though my Lion's Pride was typically strange tasting - not the pub's fault!  The market place was surprisingly quiet, the other outdoor drinkers cleared off, and I had a fantastic calm final pint in the hot summer sun, even needed to apply some suncream and snuck a sneaky cheese n onion roll to keep me sustained!  

Picturesque market place drinking in Malton.
Back in York in good time, I resisted the temptation of York Tap is favour of a cup of tea and some pasta, watched England's women win the third place play off, and off to bed by midnight.  A good day, job done!  

Onwards and upwards now as my attentions turn back towards Tuesday night's West Yorks outing.  Plus, I'll try and get some archives released this coming week too.

Happy drinking, but remember, rest your liver, it isn't a race! 



  1. The glen in the Isle of Man doesn't actually have a pub in it (well, not as far as I know anyway), but a narrow gauge railway at the bottom. See:

    The issue in the Bryherstones wasn't so much the £3.50 a pint, it was more that they had initially quoted £3.40 a pint, thus it had appeared they had overcharged until they changed their story. It could be cock up, it could be conspiracy.

  2. Hi Tom. Interesting, I didn't realise there was a 10p discrepancy, we just thought your Dad was unhappy it was so much more expensive than the Hayburn Wyke. I didn't really trust the Bryherstones, but glad we 'ticked' it.

    On the subject of pre-emptives, I think that Sandy plus bus covers Wrestlingworth which has 'the most improved' pub of the season - if I'm being sensible, I should tick it.

    Re Aberdeen, I think I'll give Dyce a miss as I'll have enough on my plate but an outer Grampian tour might be a good one for 2016. Ayr was my other Scottish option for next year.

    Rotherhithe is inspired and the Charlton plan looks good, very happy with that.

    A bit less sure on doing Hillsborough Hotel on Sheff U day as it'd be a long way north to go back south. I actually think in a "New Barrack" type of way, it might be a good chance to tick the pubs that get busy on Sheff Utd days i.e. the three under "Sheffield South". But I'll have a think.

    1. I think a winner of most improved pub has a decent chance of getting in the guide, although you don't know what it has improved from. Going from shite to moderately rubbish (think Marc Joseph's progression through his first season) could be considered the greatest level of improvement, but not good enough to get in the GBG.

      There is a tram from Hillsborough to Sheffield station, run time is 20 minutes if we do Hillsborough Hotel. I shall have a look at the Sheffield South pubs in the GBG. It is worth bearing in mind that there is Wednesday as well, so it is probably worth planning both at the same time to arrange to get all the ticks (I appreciate Wednesday's plan will need some mods for the new GBG).

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It has come to my attention that, assuming that a Yorkshire derby that is an early relegation battle (don't worry, I don't think Hull City AFC will actually do the battle part), against Hull City AFC is considered more attractive than an opening day damp squib against Bristol City, that Sheffield Wednesday intend to charge us either £49 or £52. In the event that I am right, will you pay up or boycott? The idea of Hillsborough Hotel, 15:00, 17th October has come to mind.

      I'm currently undecided as to whether the new bloke at the wendies is a money grabbing bastard or a complete nut job. Or indeed both.

  3. £49 or £52 to watch Hull City play Sheff Wed? NO WAY! I think your Hillsborough Hotel plan 3pm is very good indeed, with some more 'outer' pubs before that time. I'll reserve judgement on their chairman until such time as he renames them Sheffield Owl Hooters F.C.

  4. I almost hope that the information that the away end is being charged the joint highest prices in the ground is accurate. I think I prefer the idea of Hillsborough Hotel to Hillsborough.

    It will be like doing what certain other people did last time around only on purpose.

  5. I've just been on Bristol City's website and it isn't quite as bad as reported. They are being charged £39 for the Leppings Lane End. From the Wendies site, that is the same as the non-members price for the Kop, so the possibilities are (assuming the Kop and away end are the same for all price categories): £20, £27, £30, £33, £36, £39, £42, £45. Yes, there really are 8 categories. I still think Yorkshire derby has to be more attractive than opening day damp squib against Brizzle, so the likelyhood has to be one of the figures beginning with a 4. Still worth of a boycott and Saturday 15:00 in the Hillsborough Hotel? I'd say so.

    Travel email may be tomorrow, may be next Friday. I shall check the booking horizons.

  6. I see Bristol City supporters group are boycotting and calling £39 extortionate, which it kind of is. It'll definitely be £40 plus for us, spoke to Dad yesterday and he's happy to boycott. Especially when you look at what clubs like Swansea and Bradford do to help fans.

    We'll work out Sheff Wed BRAPA plans when we know what we are left with, but Hillsborough Hotel 3pm with our colours on is a must. I know those "certain people" to whom you refer!

  7. There is no kind of of about it, £39 is extortionate. I think we have maybe actually mellowed with a succession of Premier League rip offs, where as Brizzle have come out of the third division and gone straight to this, thus they see it for what it is. I remember as a contrast before a game at Manchester City, Ben thinking £27 at Newcastle was cheap, which relative to the few games preceding it was true. but in actuality £27 is really still a little on the steep side. This kind of thing is why I am wondering at what level it actually would be reasonably to boycott at, and thinking that my level last season was too high.

    We'll see about the wiseness of colours. A provisional look waiting for bargain time in M&S reveals Loxley as worthy of consideration, assuming it is still in. It is the right side of the city, I'd be surprised if there wasn't a bus to Hillsborough.

  8. You are right, £39 is extortionate and we shouldn't let Premier League prices seem the norm. I'd say £27 is just about pushing the boundaries of what I'd pay, I'd like to think I'd not go beyond £30 for definite. Hillsborough is a half empty graveyard at the best of times, so no idea what they are thinking!

  9. I'm glad you agree. I am minded, but not definitely decided, to set £26.99 as the limit, thus £27 or over is sit in the pub or other alternative activity in said town time. Well done Ben for inadvertently suggesting it.

    Because I am a hypocrite of the highest order, Ground Tick FC and grounds where it is not a legal requirement to remain seated may be awarded exemptions on a discretionary basis. I'm just as bad as Allam, me.