Wednesday 29 April 2015

BRAPA - Heath & Latest News

This was a sixth consecutive week of midweek pub ticking in West Yorkshire, a new record and we are really cooking on gas, though Tuesday saw only one new pub visited due to it's (relatively) isolated location.

I took a train from L**ds to Sandal & Agbrigg, though it was more Agbrigg in truth, a place with a pretty unpleasant down & out feel to it, a bit edgy but I was soon heading down a country footpath towards Heath.

Unfortunately, I took a wrong turning and ending up in a gypsy commune where a young boy in full Chelsea kit (I don't have the heart to call him a 'full kit wanker', he might curse me) informed me of my mistake.  However, three small dogs were already yapping/biting at my feet and a cockerel had excitedly ran across the courtyard.  On my way out, a car full of young Irish gypsy girls (all spray tans and hooped earrings) also helped me find the right path.  

I was soon in Heath and what a picturesque little place it was, the pub overlooking the common.

Long distance view of pub from across the common

635 - King's Arms, Heath - I entered into a corridor with a maze of rooms, all dark oak panelling, coming off in various directions.  Yes, this was a heritage pub and has won plaudits for expanding without losing it's character (apart from a rather light, airy conservatory where most people were eating).  It also has the most working gaslights in ANY pub which made me want to sign a gaslight anthem (sorry, bad joke).  I got served in a tiny front room but with no tables, went to a side room where a couple were eating an amazing smelling steak & ale pie.  The pub is Clark's, but leased to Ossett (phew!) so I had the house beer, King's Arms, reddish and excellent quality.  I was aware it sounded like people were laughing and enjoying themselves more in other rooms, so went to explore but an old local was getting his wife a pint of "Fosters in a Peroni glass", it takes all sorts.  He then told a barman he thought he'd put weight on, what a charmer, so I returned to my side room.  We then had a bit of drama as the police turned up on the common, a very rare occurance.  Trying to impose my character, I said "as long as they don't come in here!" which unfortuntely made me look guilty.  The barmaid assured me they'd need a warrant.  I went to the larger main room for a second pint, a very unusually dark Banksies beer that tasted light with that modern hoppy twist.  I'd have stayed here if there'd been more room, but again retired to what was now, MY side room and read my book, the barmaid lit me a candle and all was peaceful though I still felt I was "missing something" in one of the other rooms!  A nice two pint session, as I nipped back to Leeds via Agbrigg.

It's heritage, it's gas lit, it doesn't let the filth in!  The Kings Arms, Heath.

The journey back was mercifully straightforward this week, I even got the boost of hearing Hull City had taken the lead against Liverpool!  After a Burger King and another episode of "The Thick of It", I was flabbergasted to hear they'd even managed to win.  

A very satisfactory end to an incredibly satisfactory BRAPA evening!!  

  • Again, I forgot to leave a card in the pub!  I must get into a routine, maybe have them in a more 'easy to reach' pocket like Christina at work suggested.
  • I am planning Saturday's first North Yorkshire BRAPA day since the Dales.  This one is in Carlton-in-Cleveland, up in that Yarm kinda area.  The main thing is, no crazy bikers will be invading my space but a fair bit of walking looks necessary.  
  • With Birthday and other social events coming up, midweek West Yorkshire trips are on hold until 19th May when we return to Hebden Bridge, which has new pubs since the 2015 GBG has been published, encompassing Cragg Vale too.
  • My Birthday week means a bit of time off - I have to take advantage BRAPA style.  Greater Manchester is on the agenda, I was also thinking Rotherham but if Hull City get relegated, I'd get to go next season anyway.  Dad may also be taking me to a new BRAPA 'Hull' tick pre-Arsenal home. 
  • Spurs away is our final football chance for BRAPA ticks this season.  Tom has some ideas but as usual, that part of the world is a real ale desert if you take out the Pembury Tavern so I'll be having a look over the next two weeks to see if we can get another Carshalton style success! 
  • May should actually be a very productive month.  April garnered 20 new pub ticks, I'm looking for the 30 mark in May though!  Let's think positive.  
See you soon, Si

A pint of Ossett and a good book in a great side room - perfect BRAPA moment/

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  1. I have my Sandal & Agbrigg shack tick. I didn't get beyond the ramp out of the station. The rest sounds exactly as I imagine it.

    For the Tottenham, I am very tempted to have another think about Enfield. Maybe you could take a look. All of the pubs are showing as BR for Enfield Chase or Gordon Hill, but I wouldn't have thought that they can be too far from Enfield Town. If not, it is an idea for any future visit to Arsenal.

    Just a bit of thinking for the advanced planning. May I suggest leaving weekends July onwards as 'blank fixtures', just in case we get an attractive pre-season friendly. Who knows, we could get Burton Albion, or Notts County, or erm, Scunthorpe United.

    Similarly, this could be useful for you as well as me, I have been wondering about following the Tiger Cubs when Hull City AFC's senior team are at home or having a rest, partly because the places they go, such as Hartlepool and Mansfield, seem more natural to me. Could such awaydays generate some useful ticks?