Sunday 9 November 2014

BRAPA : Burnley and a few amendments

Most people would see yesterday's trip to Burnley as a miserable 1-0 defeat, but to me, it was very much a successful 2-0 win with two other good bits of play as Burnley's credentials as a real ale town were put through their paces.......

495 - BOOTLEGGERS MUSIC BAR, Burnley - With the jolly roger pub sign warning you "this is a serious drinking and music venue, not for the faint hearted", I could probably not expect a smile or warm welcome from the barmaid as Tom and I ordered some top quality pints (they had about 3 to choose from) of Lancs own Bank Top ales, and a blackcurrant obviously.  It was a proper boozer, quite spartan in decor but with an (unused) pole dancing pole and a huge number of plasmas showing Soccer A.M. and you could imagine seeing a live band here straight away.  Sadly, the music being played was more of the Ben Andrew variety, Above & Beyond or something trancey,  Despite that, I enjoyed this place despite some lack of comfort, Dad was less impressed but for a quick pint in Burnley, you can't do much better.

Pirate-core at the Bootleggers in Burnley

496 - TALBOT, Burnley - The fish & chip van setting up outside, the bare boarded internal set up with big screen showing a championship game, the barmaid's Burnley top, the amount of nervous looking claret shuffling into the pub, this place really (even just after 12 noon) had the feel of home fans pre-match pub.  That's not to say it wasn't good, an impressive array of beers (Moorhouses Premier-ship wasn't one of them) was a bonus but the lack of furniture meant having a high stool which is okay for Ben but not good for my short legs.  Derby scored, Dad tried to lose his bag, it was time to seek sanctuary elsewhere.

The Talbot had a serious 'home fans' feel

We ended up visiting two previous 'ticks', the excellent Bridge Bier Huis and the even better Ministry of Ale which hasn't been in the guide for a while now which really begs the question "why?" as it is the same staff, same Moonstone beers, same atmosphere.  Have they fallen out with the local CAMRA perhaps.  It's not like Burnley can afford to be so picky as say, a place like York could.

ADDITIONAL AMENDMENTS - Doing these "archives" plus a bit of cross-ticking has led me to the following amendments.  Crewe's Borough Arms I cannot verify so I am scrapping this one for now (back down to 495).  The New Inn I visited on Sunday 15th June (see "Burning the Candle at both ends").  It was previously listed under Liversedge but now is under Robertstown.  So that was confusing.  Back up to 496.  Two oversights by me next.  Firstly, the Digby Tap in Sherbourne now reviewed in the archives after THAT day in Yeovil, call it 497.  And finally, the Malt Shovel in Northampton will be reviewed in the archives shortly.  Call it 498.  So all this means, I should be back at 500 in midweek all being well!


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