Wednesday 4 June 2014

BRAPA - 4 more ticks!

So, back from Barca nearly a week and after some great bars and 'craft' ale as the trendy bearded overly hopped kids call it, a very warm Sunday afternoon was the perfect opportunity to get back to BRAPA with a couple of 'quick wins' I've been wanting to tick off for a while.

428 - Boot n Shoe, Barkston Ash - Fair walk from Church Fenton but worth it in nice heat (to top up the non-existent tan I got in Barcelona).  Friendly, interesting range as it is a free house, and sat outside to 'boot' so apart from my average pint (brewery fault, not the pub), it was a great experience.

429 - Fenton Flyer, Church Fenton - Another surprisingly long walk, nice outdoor experience and friendly community feel made me realise why this pub is so highly regarded by York CAMRA.  Overall, a very good low key Sunday effort.

430 - Factory Workers Club, Guiseley - Tuesday saw a return to my West Yorkshire midweek challenge and Guiseley was a town that started a bit threateningly and soon seemed ultra friendly!  Possibly the beer but this was a challenging start in a proper old school club.  Didn't have to show my card but there was an air of 'what's he doing in our club?' but soon got friendly once I bonded over cricket and Sri Lanka v England.  My pint was a bit lame, hard to know if it was pub or brewery.

431 - Coopers, Guiseley - A Market Town tavern which is basically quality guaranteed as far as I can see.  Here was no different, friendly clean bar like vibe, a man told me his cigarettes had once belonged to a now dead American!  Food looked lovely, should think about tea one of these days.  Great pint of a new Black Sheep Yorkshire cycling themed ale.

So where next?  Well, this weekend is a write off so we are probably looking Tuesday WY trip with Baildon n Shipley 3 pubs high on the agenda.  Failing that, Otley and Bradford pt 1 need doing soon.

A week on Saturday sees Durham which is now filling me with less excitement than when we rolled it back in those heady April days before I decided Yorkshire is where it's at and just want to get June done now so we can crack on with rural North Yorkshire to compliment the West Yorkshire midweeks.  And the pub ticks will soon be rolling in!


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