Tuesday 1 November 2016

BRAPA - October Review / November Preview

October Review

It has been a fascinating and rewarding month for Simon Everitt, but who cares about that loser?

Best man speech.  Highlight : getting gently booed for slagging off the North East to room full of Mackems
For Simey "BRAPA" Everitt, it has been a horror show with only 13 GBG ticks achieved, two less than the actual minimum requirement, and a record low since BRAPA began officially in April 2014.  Even in March 2014, I managed 16 ticks and I wasn't even trying then.

At least I can point to a valuable pre-emptive in the "Weighton Whippet" (Market Weighton), and possibly another at Allerton Castle if they keep John's Leeds Best cask on for another 12 months!  Or perhaps not.  And don't forget 11 Melbourne ticks for when ARAPA becomes official in the year 2043.

Allerton Castle - midlly pre-emptive
The three best pub experiences of the month?

1.  Gallaghers Pub & Barbers, Birkenhead
2.  Brothers Arms, Sheffield South
3.  Queen's Hotel, Maltby

Hair with your pint?  Quirky stuff at Gallaghers.
Some great days out then, the Stag Do in Liverpool standing out though back in East Yorkshire and back in Sheffield were other great BRAPA trips.  Berkshire was interesting too, though I didn't give myself enough time on the way back which I really must learn from.  Even some of the Melbourne pubs and bars were genuinely quite good.

November Preview

I need to be "on it like a car bonnet" in November, and I'm not settling for anything less than 25.  We have already kicked off with a Tuesday night escapade (1st), Sheffield again the key location as we head out west of town for the remaining three pubs.

Saturday (5th) is a tricky one due to Bonfire commitments (they are burning me in a giant wicker phallus up at Market Weighton I hear), so I need to stay reasonable local, get an early start, possibly a place with 3-5 pubs in the same town/city, at least one opening before 11am.  Research needed.  The following day, I'll be using Hull City's Sunday kick off (6th) to help me finish East Yorkshire - I need just two more to complete to county.

The following Tuesday (8th), I'll have a bit more time on my hands so will head out west again for something that at least smells Lancastrian.

The Saturday after (12th) that sees me back in Berkshire, this time I'll be South South East of Reading and perhaps returning to the town itself if time allows.  That will also be the date of my 15th anniversary in Yorkshire Bank so I'd like to commemorate that somehow!

After a Tuesday night in South Yorkshire in a place beginning with "W" (Wales?), Sat 19th is Sunderland away (probably only my 2nd game of the season!) where I have two ticks still to do plus a long-awaited first pint of real ale in the Ivy House.  Unless I have a Fosters for old time's sake.

Yet more "W" Tuesday night capers on 22nd Nov and the following Saturday is the "Winter Heavy Woollen Tour" with the guys from work.  We will be completing Halifax and making BRAPA debuts in places like Cleckheaton, Scholes and something else I've forgotten.

And November ends with another "W" South Yorkshire trip - yes there really are that many still to do, they'll take me into December.

If I can stick to this agenda, 25 may be achievable but one slip and I might fall short so the pressure is on, but I need to push myself.

BRAP away,



  1. Many care Simon; many care.

  2. Never mind that you loser, when do we get the truth about Melbourne ?

    NB Does the Queen's Hotel get a trophy for 3rd place and shall we get Dave to go and present it ?

  3. Cheers chaps! What can I possibly say about Melbourne that I haven't already? Can't wait to move there in 2043 when they start brewing a special 'Kangaroo Bass' ale onsite.

    Yes, Dave, you might need to leave the trophy on the counter as the staff will definitely be too busy and might shout at you if you distract them from humouring the scroats.

  4. I trust when slagging off the north east you remembered that some parts, such as Newcastle, are actually quite good and others, like Hartlepool, have good football teams.

    I think a large number of people need to stand trial together for breaching the code of conduct in preventing you getting to 15 pubs. Please summons all of them to me.

    Sadly, I initially though that John's Leeds best was a new John Smith's brew. Obviously there is a lot wrong with that thought.

    Just to put it out there, and I know it breaks my usual rule about places Hull City are going to lose soon but I am slack on other ideas, Cheaterfiddle is relatively local and has the requisit number of pubs. I'm sure there will be somewhere north western also.

    Sunderland will be my first competitive game of the season and Mike Phelan's last.

    For the Winter Wool tour, assuming you are staying in West Yorkshire, get a West Yorkshire family day rover for £12 for each pair of people, for all W Yorks buses and trains. If there is an odd number of people, Mr Piggy in the Middle should get a West Yorkshire Train and Bus Day Rover for £8. All should be available in scratchcard form from the tourist place on Leeds station or the bus station, or in rail ticket format from a West Yorkshire booking office.

    1. Tom, had I complimented Newcastle at that wedding, I doubt I'd have got out alive!

      Yes, I'd be happy to summons 60 North Easterners/Poppletoners plus a few CYB staff, Aussies and the like!

      I've been waiting for John Smith's to do a "craft" ale for ages now just for the hilarity.

      Cheaterfiddle is not a bad shout for a random day trip. I also wonder about Worksop as a bus to some of the further reaching SY ticks may work with it.

      Thanks re the Winter Woollen tour, I will pass the gen on to the gang. I wonder if Richard Ellis would mind being Mr Piggy in the Middle, I'll ask him.

    2. I think the first trial should take place at Sunderland, please issue summons to some of the perpetrators. Bernard can be Magistrate, I'll be the prosecution solicitor.

      There are regular buses from Doncaster to Worksop operated under the Yorkshire Traction license by Stagecoach, I suspect they will pass through some of your pub requirements. I've not looked at that area in the GBG, I'll have a peak tomorrow in the library.