Thursday 9 October 2014

BRAPA - the 2015 Bookwork is complete

Tonight, as I half watched England labour to victory over a San Marino side probably a lot worse than Grimsby Town, I finished cross ticking the 2015 GBG to my previous 2014 version, and it predictably created difficult results.

I had been up to 548 pubs, but they have dropped to 473, meaning my projected date of completion is now September 2044.  I will be 65 years old!  The saddest thing is dropping below the 500 mark, having had that fantastic guard of honour in Appletreewick.

I've seen significant drops in both Merseyside and Lancashire, but the biggest culprit county is West Yorkshire, where unlike North Yorks which stayed the same, WY dropped from 88 to 69 with changes aplenty.

It will give me the motivation I need to get back on the West Yorks midweek trail from next Monday or Tuesday.  Towns I thought I'd seen the last of I'll now have to go back to include Baildon, Bingley, Bradford (again!), Hebden Bridge, Kirkstall and Otley whilst Halifax has gone all weird and encompassed loads of villages/suburbs miles away.

It is time to start thinking about some long distance trips again which may yield many ticks in one go.  Aberdeen in January anyone?

For now, I can only focus on Saturday's trip to Barton on Humber, where I'll get my first Lincolnshire tick since Sam Smith's excellent Berkeley Hotel in Scunthorpe, on a wet day before we won 5-1.

I'll review that and the WY duo/trio together.

We'll get there.  It might take years but I will do this if it kills me, which it probably will!


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